New Release March 2024
Shades of Donna

"Shades of Donna" is a tribute album to my dedicated childhood classical piano teacher Donna Gobin.

Thank you Donna for your encouragement and attention to detail. You have continued to be a huge influence in my life.

Comments from listeners.

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Not Just Ragtime

In the Kingston area I've been known as the Ragtime Kidd since 1982 but I don't just play ragtime.

The 2007 album entitled Not Just Ragtime is a mix of my favourite Classic Ragtime, Boogie-woogie and ballads, some written by me and some by the original artists of that era. Many pieces from this CD were played on several CBC radio shows including the Vinyl Cafe.

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Doctor Drums and the Ragtime Kidd

In my early years I performed in a duo called Doctor Drums and the Ragtime Kidd.

We did everything from boat cruises, business functions, dances, birthdays, political events and backyard BBQs.

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