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Shades of Donna

Ross, Your recordings are really, really good! Beautifully performed, awesome engineering. I can hear the room, and that's one of my favorite things. But it's not distracting, and the tone you've captured of the piano is rich, and and perspective seems perfect to me. The performances are sensitive without being sentimental. Especially loved the Raindrop. Bravo!!
Chris B. - USA

Hi Ross! Thank you. This is GREAT! Beautifully played and fantastic mix. I mean it. Wonderful selection of pieces. I just let it play.
Mark S. - Canada

We just finished listening to your wonderful CD! It was very impressive and extemely touching,,, thank you so much for your devotion to my mother! It certainly brought back many mermories of Donna and the Kingston era...
You are a great pianist and I hope that you have continued joy playing!
Jenny G. - Germany

I loved listening to the CD from the first piece to the last. I've played and taught many of them, of course, and I found myself being flooded by warm memories. I really liked the order too -- brilliant program.
Rena U. - Canada

I have listened to your cd a number of times, Ross, and it is just delightful. For me, knowing and having learned so many of the same pieces in my early piano study years, it was a trip down memory lane. Your playing is just super — and you’re right about the sound engineer, he has really gone for that classic ‘Deutsche Grammophon’ sound. The reverb is there, like you’re in a concert hall, recording all your favourite pieces to share with others. I can tell you loved your project, just by the playing.
Bravo, bravo!!!!
Jan L. - Canada

I really love it. And I found the idea quite moving to do a tribute to your teacher. She seems to have done a wonderful job because I really like the way you play. And of course I was kind of surprised because I just know you as a jazz pianist. Love both sides of your piano.
Sabine S. - Germany

Very nice clean playing. I like Orfeo and the waltz in A flat. It is obvious that a lot of practice went into all these works. They brought lots of past memories back to me as I played many of these pieces so many years ago. Great job my friend now do not let it slide, get back to the piano. Your sensitivity was always there in just the right amount, Congrats.
Scott M. - Canada

Your cd is lovely! I listened to the whole thing during dinner and it was really thoughtful sounding, if that’s the right word. Thoroughly enjoyable! My Dad would have really liked it - your folks would have too!
Patty S. - Canada

Thank you for sharing it! And well done for the work. I enjoyed listening to the different songs.
It reminds me the great moments in your living room listening to Queen or playing piano.
I used to play Chopin Prelude in B minor too, but it was a long time ago. I like your way of playing it!
Clarisse H. - France

I'm enjoying the CD right now. The choice of pieces and your superb playing are perking up my day. Donna would be so proud of her pupil. Proof that practice makes perfect.
Cindy W. - Canada

Even though the first songs are easier, you can hear that they are being played by a pro :) ... so cool :)
Ryan H. - Canada

Congratulations, Ross, what an amazing album! We just listened to the whole thing on Spotify. Gord says Mrs. Gobin would have been very proud and honoured.
Marni J. - Canada

Such a nice tribute to a teacher who left an indelible mark on your life! Amazing Ross!
Debbie W. - Canada

I love the album! I have it in YouTube Music, and I really enjoy having it on. I'm listening to it as I type this in my classroom for all my students to listen to as they work. I have played some of the pieces!
Robert A. - USA

I’m playing your CD now as I make dinner-lovely! I’m pretending I am a graceful ballerina!
Lori A. - Canada

How wonderful, Ross. I have to say that as soon as I heard the first notes, it literally made me feel happy. Beautiful, and so happy for you. You have such a talent. Congratulations!
Gisele L. - Canada

What a wonderful achievement and tribute to your teacher. A month or so ago I had a group of ex-piano teachers here and we all enjoyed it very much, especially hearing it together. We were "that's grade 6, that's grade 8"! The quality of your performance and production of the CD are first class, and I know I will enjoy it many times in the years to come.
P. Hodge - Canada

Lovely Ross! What a wonderful tribute to Donna. I highly recommend everyone listen to this... I'm sure it will inspire many young people to pursue the Piano as their instrument of choice. Thanks for sharing!
Jay R. - Canada

I just finished listening to it. It's fantastic. My favorite piece is Chopin Raindrop Prelude mostly because it demonstrates the quality of the sound produced by your new piano especially in the base notes and powerful chords. As for your Pro piano skills my favorite is the Playful Donkey mostly because of the totally off beat of your left hand that contrasts so much with the different tempo going on with your right hand.
Richard B. - Canada

I’m listening to it right now. It’s wonderful. I love it.
Kate M. - Canada

I am very happy that you create such a nice album. My boys practiced Etude No 21, too.
Your piano also reminds me a wonderful time to play with you at your place.
Yasuaki S. - Japan

That playing is very very good and the sound is amazing. Well done!! I am very impressed and happy for you. What an accomplishment. The recording sound is incredible.
Keith M. - Canada

I would love a copy. You are incredible!
Lucas B. - Canada

Hi Ross. I'm really enjoying your CD. You are certainly a very accomplished musician and the piano you play has a rich timbre. The low notes go right through me, ha ha. My friends are enjoying it too! Thank you for sharing you story and your talent.
Margaret D. - Canada

This is beautiful Ross. As a musician myself, I appreciate listening to pieces without allows your mind to wander, to visions of my own, versus the scenes someone else paints in my head with lyrics. Also very nice dinner/entertaining music. I like number 2 track as my favorite.
Jackie W. - Canada

While making gnocchi yesterday I was entertained by your beautiful classical pieces.
Thoroughly enjoyed the variety as well as the tempo. So talented!
Ivana C. - Canada

Ross, have listened to your work more than a few times now and I must say "Well Done Sir!"
Bill A. - Canada

Ross, I listened to your album yesterday with my wife. Angela also played piano growing up and she knew a lot of the pieces you played on your album. We really enjoyed listening to it last night. Thanks Ross!
Bruno C. - Canada

Congratulations, Ross! Just started to stream and am loving the pieces. Let us know when the CD is ready!
Mary L. - Canada

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