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Ross MacLachlan

I originally set out to play ragtime, boogie and barrelhouse. I quickly found out that most people want to hear songs they are familiar with. In order to find employment I've played every imaginable style. I've probably played "Piano Man" more times than Billy Joel. I worked 5 nights a week at the Holiday Inn Kingston for years plus tons of boat cruises and other events.

On this album I decided to record what I first set out to do. I hope you like it!

Interview with Ross MacLachlan on ragtime and boogie-woogie following "Not Just Ragtime" Concert Nov 2008 in Currie Hall, Kingston, ON. Ross talks about his interest in ragtime, boogie woogie, his influences and the difference between the two styles. Concert footage is included. Thanks for the production by Curtis Brunet of KTown Source, filming by Dave McCallum and interview by Doreen Edmunds. Thanks also to Gary Barratt on drums and Tim Roberts on sax.

K-Town Interview

I had a lot of help from the following musicians who contributed their talents:

Gary Barratt(world’s greatest drummer!) who has played with me since 1982
Bob Arlidge – your smooth double bass adds a LOT to this album
Jess Lindeman - your beautiful Cello ensures this is “Not Just Ragtime”
Spencer Evans – great clarinet improvisations on Little Bird
Tim Roberts – your sax suggestions compliment the driving nature of Kidd’s Boogie

David Rodenburg - engineer for this project. Thanks for your encouragement throughout the sessions Dave.

Way back in time

My mother started me on the piano at a very early age. My mother, sister and brother also played. My dad played bagpipes all of his life right up until his passing in 2008. I studied with a prominent local teacher Donna Gobin. Donna paid particular attention to detail and practicing techniques. She was the "Simon Cowell" of classical music. If you did something poorly, she let you know it! If you did something well, you were given praise. Donna’s teaching philosophy motivated me to strive for excellence.

Oddly enough, as a teenager I was influenced by Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Yes, and particulary the earlier Elton John albums.

After university, I joined a band called City Limits with my childhood friends, the Rodenburg brothers. I met Gary Barratt through David Rodenburg. Gary and I formed "Doctor Drums and the Ragtime Kidd" and have played on and off since then.

When I first became interested in ragtime, I studied under Toronto artists Bob Fenton and John Arpin. Other ragtime performers I really like are William Bolcom, Roger Shields and James Levine. For Boogie I like Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Meade Lux Lewis, Errol Garner, Dr. John and Michael Kaeshammer.

As the Ragtime Kidd, I had the privilege of playing piano for Princess Diana when she visited Kingston, ON Canada in 1991.

Ragtime Kidd and Princess Diana

I hope this album will re-introduce a once popular style of music. If you like it, please tell your friends, maybe this music will have a renaissance!

Not Just Ragtime - Ross MacLachlan
© 2007 Ross Maclachlan. All rights reserved.