Not Just Ragtime quotes

I've received positive feedback from many people around the globe. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

Here are a few responses emailed to me from people who have purchased this CD.

Brian H: Your new CD is wonderful! Every track is strong. Your musicianship borders on brilliant. You are truly amongst Canada's best boogie pianists.

Jack T: luv the CD!!

Brenda A: It is brilliant, amazing and lovely to listen to. Talk about great talent. Thank you! - everybody should rush out and buy it.

Mary A: I didn't realize how really, really good you are!

Jess L: Your CD sounds amazing. Congratulations. I can tell that a lot of long hours went into it. We listen to it each day in the car. Liam loves your piano playing.

Gisèle L: Very, very good! Keep up the good work!

Danielle T: You are full of surprises. You are good. I love it, love it.

Linda D: Ross, I am thoroughly enjoying it! Well done!

Brenda C: I will enjoy every minute of it and thank you very much.  I am glad that CBC is picking you up, they actually have quite an eclectic mix of music over the week and they should be telling more people about it.

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